Aloha fellow crafters…

30 May


I’m Mona. I’m a psychology student by day and a crafter by night. I’ve made things with fabric ever since I was a child, and received a sewing machine from my family for my 18th birthday. Best present ever! I make all sorts of things on the machine and also by hand – quilts, cushions, curtains, clothes and party decorations. While I make all kind of things, I generally go for bright colours so you might wanna grab a pair of shades before checking out any of my photos.

I write this blog because it’s good to share, and I’d love to hear people’s ideas and tips, as well as helping others to make some more of their own stuff. I really hope you enjoy looking at the website. Please subscribe to the email updates, and leave lots of comments. The more the merrier.

If you fancy, you can buy some of my stuff from my Etsy shop – Mustard Quilts. If not, no worries, just check in and say hello from time to time. Send photos… that’d be ace.

Happy crafting,




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