batty about batting

31 May

I’m moving out of my comfort zone… away from patchwork quilts to the more traditional technique of quilting through two layers of fabric and a sandwiched layer of batting (so that the quilt bobs up and down, following whatever pattern you so wish). This kind of quilting creates a beautiful effect.

BUT. I’m finding my adventures to be a little too expensive… I guess you could say that I have a traditional quilting habit on a patchwork quilt budget. While patchwork quilts also need to have three layers, the middle layer (for warmth) can be an old blanket – cheap as chips. But this doesn’t work with traditional quilting which needs a really springy middle layer (called batting) if the sewing detail is going to stand out.

I’ve started the quilt above for my baby neice Malika and I’ve had to be…erm… a little creative (cough cough) with the batting. Rather than use the bamboo stuff I found in the shop for a whopping £40 (people, do you know how much pasta that would get me?!), I went for tripling up a mattress protector I found in a cheapo shop for £7. I know I know, this probably makes me an awful person (not 100% cotton? GASP!) but believe me when I say that If I’m going to be a quilter I’m going to have to be a cheap stingy ***** of a quilter.

Other ideas for saving money when it comes to quilt batting? The people in the shop might look at me funny if I keep going back for mattress protectors. Ideas on a postcard…



2 Responses to “batty about batting”

  1. inspiredbykristal June 2, 2011 at 4:17 pm #

    Batting can be horrendiously expensive. I hunt for sales and buy more than I need when I find them. Avoiding commercial/chain fabric stores if possible helps as they are 2-3 times as expensive. Find out if there is a fabric district in your town or one close and make a monthly trip to buy in bulk.
    Good luck hunting and keep on quilting.

    • needlepullingthread June 3, 2011 at 1:21 am #

      Amazing- thanks for the advice. I need to keep looking around but not having a car makes the search harder! Thanks again.

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