oh crap… where are the scissors?

6 Jun

I don’t have much room to work in when I’m crafting. Things are a bit of a tight squeeze. One of the major downsides of working in amongst so much bloody stuff (are crafters hoarders by nature?) is that you end up losing stuff constantly. To be fair, I can’t completely blame the space I’m working in – this is also a character trait.

me: where are my scissors…. oops, there they are.

me 2 mins later: oh no. where have they gone now?

This is why I need to make myself a craft belt. Then when I’m not cutting, or threading, or sewing, I can put my tools ON ME. Safe and sound. And then I found this tutorial. Amazing – my woes are sorted. Well, they will be as soon as I’m back home, with my sewing machine (hallelujah! This sewing only by hand is starting to get me down), and I can design a beautiful pleated craft belt. If I haven’t blogged with a picture of me in a craft belt within a week, please prod and poke me until I come up with the goods!


3 Responses to “oh crap… where are the scissors?”

  1. magicanddrudgery June 10, 2011 at 11:09 am #

    Hi Needle – Like the idea of a craft belt – also have this problem, although I would have the added problem of dropping scissors down the loo if I had the craft belt as I’d forget it was on – or picking up my wee boy from nursery sporting the craft belt. So have you done your craft belt yet – can’t see no photies, consider this a prod!!

    • needlepullingthread June 10, 2011 at 11:21 am #

      Prod gratefully received. I have moved the task to the top of my weekend things to do list. It’s right up there along with ‘eat lots of chocolate’ and ‘watch some awful tv’. Photos coming soon – perhaps, as your prophecy describes, of the scissors in the loo!

  2. The Creative Miss W June 11, 2011 at 8:41 am #

    I know just what you mean about this. I must have about 5 seam rippers but can I ever find one? I do try and be organised . I picked up a little vintage tray from the car boot and I pop all my sewing tools on there.a craft belt would be good though! looking forward to seeing yours!

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