the best way to give a gift?

15 Jun

The truth is that right now I’m in Cornwall and nowhere near my desk (I sincerely hope this is the truth), but with the wonders of modern technology, I’ve scheduled this post so that you all know that I’m never too far away… muahahaha. No, but really, there are so many things to share, it seemed simply bad form to skidaddle for five days without sending some sort of virtual postcard. This postcard includes something very useful thanks to the creative miss w Creative Miss W – she’s posted on her blog a fantastic video that shows you how to transform a scarf into a bag in seconds, without sewing a single seam. Hallelujah. I mean, I love to sew, but we live in a world of instant and disposable products – it’s good to know that we can have this a little at home too! As my mother says, life’s too short to stuff a tomato.

This is my attempt at the scarf-bag transformation. Please forgive the poor photography – I only have so many hands. The actual bag, I promise, is incredibly cute. What a fabulous way this would be to wrap a gift. There are so many scarfs in charity shops it seems, and I’ve always thought that they’re so pretty, but haven’t known what I could use them for. Dilemma sorted. Thanks Miss W!

Looking forward to sharing a real postcard of Cornwall with you all, and maybe, just maybe (the sewer lives in constant hope) some exciting crafting finds… You never know when fate will land a new tool/fabric/technique on the doorstep.


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